Deal Your Married Anxiety With Yoga

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Deal Your Married Anxiety With Yoga

Deal Your Married Anxiety With Yoga

It is quite normal for a soon-to-be-wed bride to feel excited and nervous at the same time due to the pressure of looking good and making sure things are working as per plan. Well, we have good news for you try yoga. Yoga has been well known and recommended for ages. Yoga helps calm your nerves, restore peace and help you feel stronger both physically and mentally. Here are a few points why one should practice Yoga before and after marriage as well.

The Horror of Glow

Everyone dreams of their wedding day to be perfect with a fantastic smile, perfectly healthy and glowing skin. By practicing yoga religiously, you will have a healthy glow as it increases blood flow and organ function. Several inversion exercises can reduce the effect of gravity on our skin, e.g., Downward Facing Dog, Headstand or Handstand cleanses your skin inside out and increases the elasticity.

Clarity of mind and soul

All your body parts are active participants in any yoga asanas (poses) you practice. One becomes fully aware of every joint of their body and builds strong and long muscles. Crescent Lunge, Boat Pose, and High Plank to Low Plank increase flexibility and strength which helps you develop long, lean body frame making you look stunning.

Yoga gives you the flexibility of controlling your breathing patterns as well. Practicing exercises like pranayama help you Inhale through your nose, then open your mouth and exhale slowly. This exercise calms you and releases all the tension in your muscles, giving you stress-free mind and soul. It also sharpens your brain and improves concentration to focus on every minute details and perfect it to T.

Not being absent minded

Imagine after so much preparation the day passes by at the click of fingers and you do not get to enjoy your special moment. If you practice Yoga and meditation, you would be able to surrender yourself to the moment and observe moments of stillness to enjoy and cherish every precious moment of your day.

Build a Bond

Exercise, in general, feels like a difficult task and practicing it alone becomes impossible. Include your friends and family to practice Yoga and meditation as this might turn out to be just the break you need. When you and your partner perform the asanas together, it creates a sense of reliability and deep bound trust which is quite essential for long-lasting happiness and marriage.

Adapting Yoga in your daily life not only improves your overall health but makes you calmer, relaxed and stress-free as well. This can be your go-to regimen for those tingling nerves. Enjoy your wedding and post married life with a healthy and beautiful bond formed by Yoga, your disguised well-wisher.