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Juice N Cleanse

Fast paced lifestyle? Chronic fatigue? Blemished skin? Weight gain? Mood swings? Digestive issues? Unhealthy eating? Poor sleep? Emotional turmoil? Is this YOUR life today? Then you know you need to break away now!! and take that much needed wellness holiday to revive and restore your physical and emotional health.
Through our carefully deigned Juice n Cleanse Retreat at The Beach House, Goa we enable you to hit the reset button on your health. The intense Detox program works on rebalancing you physically, physiologically and psychologically through the daily routine of yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic massage therapies, colon therapy and personalized menu of juices, broths and supplements.
Whatever your specific health and wellness goals are we’ve got you covered. Meet with our wellness experts for guidance and advice in your 1-1 personalized consultations and leave equipped to begin your journey towards a new and improved state of health and well-being.

How Do You Benefit?


  • Clearer Brighter Skin and Eyes


  • Increased energy and vitality

Who Should Retreat?

  • This retreat is perfect for anyone who suffers from symptoms of chronic toxicity due to the stress of modern day living such as constant tiredness, cravings and emotional eating, low moods, insomnia, weight issues, digestive problems etc.
  • If you are looking to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins and impurities and restore balance through holistic therapies.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone with chronic or heavily medicated conditions may be asked to supply a doctor’s letter verifying that they are fit to come on a retreat. All retreat guests consent to treatment involving the application of all integrated therapies, assessments, consultations and treatments included on the retreat of their own free will and without any coercion or undue influence. All integrated therapies for any disease or chronic condition do not guarantee a cure or remission from any illness. Your Doctor and any specialist consultants will remain responsible for your general medical care throughout the period of application of the integrated therapies. The Sanda Wellness Team and its entire professional staff will act in an advisory capacity only

Package Inclusions

  • Personal, Medical & Ayurvedic Consultation
  • 3 Chakras Assessment & Emotional Healing Therapy
  • Personalised Diet & Nutrition Consultation
  • Fresh fruit & vegetable juices & broth with natural supplements according to body type.
  • Relaxing yoga, pranayama & guided meditation sessions.
  • Rejuvenating & exfoliating spa treatments for skin healt

Signature Progress Monitoring – Before and After Assessments of:

  • PH Balance
  • Body Composition Analysis (BMI, Body Fat, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, Muscle Mass)
  • Biological Age Assessment
  • Vital Total Body Measurements
  • Vital Signs Assessment – Medical Check-up (Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate)

Benefits You Can Expect From Our Retreat

  • Leave feeling fully rejuvenated
  • Weight loss, reduced water retention & improved digestion
  • Increased immunity and resistance to infections and illness
  • Mind & body rebooting
  • Deeper insight into yoga for overall health & well being
  • Build the confidence to care for your wellness in your day to day living

Additional Benefits

  • Welcome drink
  • Welcome meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner depending on arrival time)
  • Personalized retreat diary
  • Access to a library of books and DVD′s on Health and Wellness
  • Packed snack for departure journey
  • Expert Support and Counselling as and when required

All Inclusive Pricing



$ 100
  • Single
  • INR 90,000 (Onwards)
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$ 100
  • Double(PP)
  • INR 67,500 (Onwards)
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